Mining Corp.
Yale Simpson has a Bachelor of Applied Science (geological engineering) from the University of British Columbia. Yale has more than thirty years experience as a senior geologist, exploration manager and CEO of companies involved in exploration and development projects in Australia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Argentina. Those companies included Pennzoil Company, Chevron Exploration, Australmin Holdings, Black Swan Gold Mines Ltd. and Argosy Minerals Inc. He and his exploration teams are credited with the exploration and development of the Porphyry, Mt. Wilkinson, Tuckabiana and Whistler gold mines in Australia. His particular expertise is in strategic planning and corporate communications. Yale is currently chairman of Exeter Resource Corp. and a director of Diamonds North Resources Ltd., Dynasty Metals and Mining Inc. and is the President and a director of the Britannia Beach Historical Society, operator of the British Columbia Museum of Mining.
Yale Simpson
Bryce Roxburgh
Bryce Roxburgh graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in geology and geophysics from Sydney University in 1971 and has 30 years experience in the exploration and mining industry including successfully negotiating numerous joint venture agreements. Between 1971 and 1989, he worked for international mining groups, Amoco Minerals Australia Company and Cyprus Mines Corporation, where as Regional Manager for Eastern Australia & South East Asia he was responsible for the exploration teams which discovered the Selwyn, Red Dome and Junction Reef ore-bodies. Between 1989 and 2000, he was Exploration Manager for Arimco N.L. and Climax Mining Limited in East Australia, South East Asia and South America where he was responsible for the teams which discovered the Dinkidi ore-body in the Philippines, and the Don Sixto gold deposit in Argentina. From July, 2000 to January 2004, he worked as an independent consultant until becoming CEO for Exeter where he has worked until now.
Rob Reynolds
Mr Reynolds is a Chartered Accountant with over 35 years experience in commerce and practice. He joined Delta Gold Limited in 1983 as its accountant and company secretary and became an executive director in 1988. He became a non-executive director in 1996 and remained as such until the merger with Goldfields Limited in late 2001. Mr Reynolds jointly oversaw the growth of Delta from a junior explorer to medium sized gold mining company. His role was corporate planning, capital raising, overseeing corporate governance and supervision of administration and financial management.
Paul Joyce
Paul Joyce graduated as a geologist from Macquarie University, Sydney in 1972 and completed a postgraduate Diploma of Geoscience, majoring in Mineral Economics and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists. Paul has over 30 years of exploration and development experience of gold and copper deposits in Australia, South East Asia, Central and South America. His past work experience includes senior geologist for Cyprus Gold Australia, Exploration Manager - Climax Mining Ltd and Country Manager-Philippines for Climax Arimco Mining Corp.  He is currently a director of Titan Mines Ltd and Perlco Pty Limited and is an independent geological consultant to the mining industry.
Cecil Bond is a Chartered Accountant with 20 years of experience. He spent 7 years working for 2 major international accounting firms in South Africa and Canada and 5 years in private business in South Africa. His recent experience has been in the junior mining industry where he has spent the last 8 years as the chief financial officer of a number of public companies.  He has been the CFO of Exeter Resource Corporation since April 2005, the CFO of Christopher James Gold Corp. since January 2006 and a director of Argosy Minerals Inc. since September 1996.  He has also held the positions of CEO and CFO of Argosy Minerals at various times from September 1996 to April 2005.
Cecil Bond